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Another App Usage Reset...

  1. My experiment with using Firefox & Thunderbird as my daily drivers for browsing and email respectively ended a few weeks ago — I’ve moved back to Apple’s Safari & Mail apps. There’s nothing particularly wrong with either Firefox or Thunderbird, but there was just too much friction for my liking. That’s not to say that Apple’s app are perfect, but I’ve found ways to smooth down the few rough parts.

  2. I also moved all my RSS feeds back into NetNewsWire, again to reduce the friction when getting through them.

  3. I’m now using Diarly for my daily journalling, instead of doing it just on the Mac using BBEdit. As part of that move, I reorganised & imported all my old journal entries. While it means that the journal is no longer locally stored, the upside is that I can update it from both my Mac and iPhone, and with a reasonably-priced subscription it is automatically synched and encrypted. (I could have gone with Day One, as I’m grandfathered into a Plus plan, but I found it got in my face much more than I’d like. Diarly is just plain nicer to open and use for me.)

Needless to say, your own mileage may vary, these are what work for me. I’m blogging about this primarily to document how my thinking has changed over time.

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