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A Not So Casual Gamer

I definitely feel seen as I read this post by Rach Smith:

I was a few days in to having the games on my phone when I remembered why I deleted them last time. These games interfere with my life. I have good phone boundaries when I’m with my kids, doing work, or working out, but I had spent every other bit of spare “me” time merging and matching. I wasn’t going to bed on time.

Thankfully I had a moment of self awareness on day three of the merging and matching madness, and deleted the apps again. I am writing this note now to help me remember that these apps are BANNED from my phone for a reason.

Some people can just casually play these games every now and then and be fine. Some people can’t. I am in the latter camp.

The only game that I’ve been able to safely play on my iPhone without bingeing has been I Love Hue, as I find I can only play for so long before I need to give my eyes a break. But even that is currently removed from the phone, as it’s still a distraction from Getting Actual Stuff Done.

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