I am not a piece of 💩 and neither are you

I can totally relate to this post by Kimberly Hirsh:

Austin Kleon says to write the book you want to read. If I were to write a book in this moment — more that I need, than I want — I would title it, “You Are Not a Piece of 💩.” I need this book because whenever my anxiety gets stronger, this is the mantra it says to me. “You are a piece of shit.” Now, this is untrue in both a literal and figurative fashion.

I’ve struggled for years with that nagging voice in my head telling me that I’m no good and should just give up already. The stress and anxiety of the last few years have turned that voice up to 11. I’m starting to get a handle on dealing with that, doing some things that Kimberly describes in her post, but it’s going to take a long time to quieten down that nagging voice and make it go away.

This Would Be Even Funnier If They’d Had Voice Assistants Back Then…

From today’s Bootnotes column at The Register:

This Monday’s Who, Me? is a reminder that for every ludicrous bit of company branding, there is always somebody behind the scenes yelling “No!”

Our story, from a reader Regomised as “Will”, concerns an unfortunately named service from much-missed computer company Wang.

Ah, Wang. The company with perhaps the most unfortunate name in history.

You can probably guess the punchline. If you need help, it rhymes with a slang word for someone wasting their seed… 😉

Someone Put Windows 10 on ARM on Apple Silicon – The Results Won’t Shock You!

AWS engineer puts Windows 10 on Arm on Apple Mac M1 – and it thrashes Surface Pro X

An Amazon Web Services (AWS) virtualization engineer has shown what Windows 10 on Arm could be like if Microsoft licensed its Arm-based OS to the public rather than just to Windows 10 manufacturers.

AWS principal engineer Alexander Graf did just that, using the open-source QEMU virtualization software for Windows on Arm. QEMU emulates access to hardware such as the CPU and GPU. Graf’s work was spotted by The 8-bit, via 9to5Mac. 

“Who said Windows wouldn’t run well on #AppleSilicon? It’s pretty snappy here,” Graf wrote in a tweet.  

Awkward! I’m betting Microsoft are not going to be pleased with Mr. Graf…

Ink-jet Ball-And-Chain

HP CEO talks up HP-ink-only print hardware and higher upfront costs for machines that use other cartridges

This story from The Register opens with the subheading: ‘These actions will help us to optimize the business by reducing the number of unprofitable customers’.

And you can probably guess what form the extraction of ‘profit’ will take.

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Changing Habits To Improve My Health

I think it’s fair to say that my health has taken more than a few ups and downs this year. The first lockdown during the spring and summer curtailed my plans to walk every day, as I’m in a clinically vulnerable group. Add on the anxiety about what might happen next, plus disillusionment over events here in the UK and over in America, and it’s no surprise that my health wasn’t great.

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