I’m guilty of mostly ‘blogging’ to my Micro.blog site rather than here. So, to rectify that somewhat, and have a more permanent record of my writing, I’ve imported my posts from there to here, and am in the process of updating the imported posts with categories and tags. This might take a while, so bear with me.

I finally got off my ass and got started writing a will. I’m taking advantage of one of the free will-writing service offers. (The charity making the offer would like me to consider making a gift to them in my will, of course.)

Sigh. I’d hoped that iPadOS 13.2.2 had dealt with my various app glitches. But this morning I opened Ulysses to be greeted by an error message that it could access the .ulysses index files on iCloud. Thankfully, the Mac app is working just fine, and a restart of the iPad got things going again. Still, it’s worrying. This is stuff that should have been ironed out in beta-testing.

The things we can’t forget this Remembrance Day

Alexei Sayle, writing for The Canary:

It seemed to me to be, by and large, with the ceremony at the centontaph and the laying of wreathes and the aging veterans with their medals, a solemn, healing meditation on the cost, pointlessness and suffering of war. But in recent years all that has begun to change. Nowadays, while ex-military people form a substantial part of the homeless and prison populations and military charities squat on huge amounts of money they refuse to spend, Remembrance Day has become all about competitive giant poppy wearing.

On a related note, the video There’s Something Wrong With Remembrance over at Novara Media strikes a chord with me, too.