Friday The 13th

I’ve digested the results of the General Election. Suffice to say, they aren’t what I’d hoped.

About the only things that are certain at the moment:

  • The Withdrawal Agreement Bill will go through Parliament
  • We’ll start the process of leaving the European Union on January 31st next year
  • The SNP will call for another referendum on Independence for Scotland
  • Austerity will continue, even if they don’t use that name
  • The poor and vulnerable will continue to suffer needlessly
  • Public services will continue to crumble and break through underfunding
  • The lies will continue ad nauseam.

Everything else is up in the air.

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De-quantifying my life

I can relate to so much of this blog post on ReaderWriterVille . Measuring my ‘success’ by how much ‘stuff’ I was doing didn’t help that much, and made me feel worse.

I’ve now consciously stepped back and reviewed what I’m doing and why. The result has been that I end up getting plenty done anyway, because I’m no longer in an artificial race against myself.

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The TODO Silo

Yesterday I saw the news that Microsoft will be shutting down Wunderlist in 2020. I’d used Wunderlist for a time before its acquisition, and it was a decent task manager. But I moved away because while it looked beautiful, its way of working didn’t quite gel with me. (That’s also a criticism I have of Trello.)

Microsoft now have their own app, with the unoriginal name of Microsoft To-Do. It’s sorta-kinda the successor to Wunderlist, and the app they’re suggesting that current users migrate to. You can also export your data from Wunderlist as a ZIP file, although I’m not sure how useful that’ll be. From my experience with other services, it’s a nicety that doesn’t help if you want to import that data into another service.

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Doing the Scary Thing

Matt Bonney:

I’m absolutely terrified of blogging.

I think I know why, but it’s still curious to me that the idea of writing down my thoughts and putting them out there scares me as much as it does.

I have thoughts and feelings about Apple and the technology industry – many thoughts and feelings – but for whatever reason, I’ve been too afraid of criticism and judgement to make those feelings public.

But you know what? I just turned 30, and goddamnit, if I’m ever going try my hand at this sort of thing, I may as well try now. I’d rather try now than wake up in another 30 years and regret never starting.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Matt. 🙂