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Slowing My Thoughts

I think Greg Morris may be on to something here:

For years, I’ve been trying to figure out why my handwriting is so bad. Seriously, it’s like what you’d expect from a three-year-old. I often blame my years in higher education – anyone who’s been through it knows that, unless you really put in the effort, your handwriting just stagnates after school. Everything has to be typed up neatly before submission, making pen and paper seem redundant.

It me!

In reality, I didn’t need to speed up my writing to match my thoughts; instead, I needed to slow my thoughts to match my writing pace.

I should try this myself. I regularly get the same cramping in my writing hand when attempting more than a few lines at a time, and I frequently make mistakes which then derail my flow.

I doubt that I’ll return to doing journalling by hand — for me, plain text from the keyboard is easier for me while also allowing for pasting in links, quotes and other memento mori — but anything that’ll make me less self-conscious would be a win.

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