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Tech Will Never Love You Back

Jason Rodriguez’s story of how he discovered and learned to use technology at an early age resonates deeply with me. And so too, alas, does his frustration with how technology has changed, and how the relationship between technology and people like him has changed.

Still, I do love parts of tech—not to mention the people I’ve met through it. I love learning new things and understanding how technology works. I love being able to build things I want on my own. I love when good technology actually makes my life easier. And I love being able to connect with people I otherwise would never have the opportunity to through the power of technology.

I guess all that’s to say that it doesn’t mean you can’t love tech. You can absolutely love technology. Just don’t get fooled into thinking that tech will ever love you back.

Know what you want to get out of your relationship with technology. Invest what you’re willing to in tech and leave the rest of your time and energy to activities and people that will give you more in return.

Food for thought.

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