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The Elvis of CMS Systems

Pedro Corá emailed me regarding my recent post commemorating 20-and-a-bit years of on-off blogging:

To this day, I still dearly miss Movable Type. Of all CMSs, it’s the one I used the most. And in some aspects, so different than WordPress that I fear is what makes wp so weird for me to understand nowadays.

The following is my reply to him.

“My biggest abiding memory of Movable Type is of the frequent error code pages I’d get! I never did figure out what the cause was, perhaps the version of Python that my hosting provider at the time used, or their servers not being up to muster?”

“WordPress was a breath of fresh air when I first tried it in the mid-2000s, but I think it’s the Elvis of CMS systems — can still do the moves, but it’s definitely no longer as slim or as good-looking.”

Harsh? Possibly.

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