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Clearing The Reading List 2023-10-18

No app, no entry: How the digital world is failing the non tech-savvy — a more cynical view would be that the digital world is ‘working as designed’, where the ‘design’ is supposed to exclude and punish those unable to use it for any reason.

Avoiding Distractions in Modern Computing — while I don’t think I’d ever go completely back to a text user interface (TUI), I suspect it wouldn’t be that much of a hardship to move to a hybrid system. I definitely feel better for banishing all but the most important notifications from all my devices.

Admin note: I have a lot of stuff in my reading list, not all of which will end up here, so I’ll be posting these clear-ups every so often as I work through the backlog.

Further Admin note: That second link is dead, alas, and there’s no Wayback Machine copy. Bummer. I guess I’ll be coming across a few more links like that…

Further-Further Admin note: Thanks to Zsolte Benke, that second link now points to the Wayback Machine copy — the original site’s certificate had broken, and that probably derailed my own search.

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