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Fifty–Five Transits Around The Sun

Today is my birthday. As has been the case for many years now, I don’t feel any different. I’ll be going out for a meal later today with family, but other than that I won’t be celebrating.

A few friends have sent congratulations online, which is nice, but I no longer get the deluge that I received back when I was still plugged into Facebook. Then again, a lot of the folks sending those messages were acquaintances rather than friends — I could probably count the number of folks I had true connections with on the fingers of both hands.

Today is also the day I told my WordPress installation here to discourage search engines from visiting this site. That feels rebellious, and would probably be viewed as heretical by those invested in being Extremely Online. Maybe I’ll figure out a way to refine that block to just Google, Microsoft and the other big content-scrapers. I quite like the idea of finding stuff online via humans, on sites designed by and for humans, not machines.

(The Human Web sounds like it should be the name for some kind of avant-garde pop band.)

I should write here more often, if only so there’s less stuff rattling around inside my head. Now that I have iA Writer set up to post drafts here, I have fewer excuses. (I’m typing this into the Gutenberg editor by hand, though, because I’m that person who doesn’t mind it.)

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