Why The Heck Am I Back on Micro.blog?

Back in May 2020, I mentioned that I was disconnecting my website from the Micro.blog community.

And now I’m back again.

What changed?

Well, I have to admit that I do miss the interactions I had on there.

Plus, the posts of the few Micronauts that I added to Inoreader can’t be replied to from outside of Micro.blog, unless I’m missing something. (Perhaps a WebMention interface of some kind?)

But mostly it was a recent revelation that I’ve had regarding the web versus apps. You see, most of my niggles about Micro.blog revolved around the apps. But lately, I’ve been experimenting with using Inoreader, Pinboard and other services directly within the browser, and it works shockingly well even on the iPad. So much so that I’ve now jettisoned a load of apps from my devices. (I’d already done this for my blogging workflow earlier this year.)

So now, when I want to comment on something on Micro.blog, I can just pop over to the website and do so there.

Sadly, I no longer have my original username, so I’m going by my old moniker of ‘Wears Many Hats’, a pretty apt description of my professional life. 🙂


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