Thoughts on Tidying and Marie Kondo

By Alan Ralph on January 11, 2020 — 1 min read

I’m nearly at the end of the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo. While her recent foray into selling home accessories strikes a dissonant note, and I’m not minded to go to the extremes of space utilisation that she advocates, there’s a lot of good advice in there. And my experience of the benefits of tidying and organising your home chimes with what she describes in the final section of the book.

I’ll be passing on my copy of the book to my sister, who’s trying to declutter her own house.

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  • @AlanRalph I loved the book when it first came out. It was in line with my already minimalist aesthetic and need for decluttering. I liked her methods for categorizing. Of course, now she is a “brand” and with it comes a need to spread it.

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