Bought and installed Reeder 4 for Mac today. The app is a lot snappier, and Readability view is now much more reliable. Only downsize so far is that you can’t select custom fonts for article view, but that’s not a deal-breaker for me. (Option for OpenDyslexic would be nice.)

Inoreader New Plans and Pricing Updates in February 2019

I’ve mentioned before that I’m using Inoreader as my RSS feed collector of choice. You get a lot more tools and customisation than Feedly for a lot less money.

They’ve recently announced changes to their pricing plans. They are going to introduce new custom plans for heavy users and those requiring a lot of customisations. But they’re also tweaking the features of the existing plans, and removing one tier (Plus) completed.

I’m not immediately affected, since my current subscription run until mid-2020 and I don’t use filters much. But I’ll be keeping an eye on how this develops.

Today, I’m trying out something @patrickrhone suggests in his book Minimal Mac, and simplifying my RSS feeds into just two folders: Important and Unimportant.

I’ve already dropped a lot of feeds that haven’t been updated in ages, plus some more that no longer work.

One niggle: both my RSS reader apps of choice—Reeder on Mac, Fiery Feeds on iOS—lack the ability to reorganise multiple feeds in one go. I had to go direct to Inoreader, the service I use to gather and sync to my devices, to sort all my feeds.