Groggy Early Morning (UK) WWDC Thoughts

Woke up, scrolled through RSS feeds to see what was announced at WWDC.

  • Mac Pro looks nice, but way out of my need / budget.
  • iPadOS? About Time!
  • Sidecar might be useful, but we’ll see how that works in practice.
  • My iPad Mini 4 and iPhone SE are still supported, but mum’s Mini 2 is outta luck.

(On a side-note, I find that I just can’t get excited about events like this any more. Possibly because there’s more evolution than revolution these days?)

Small Is Still Beautiful

Amazon UK asked me for a review of the iPhone SE that I got last month, so I’m sharing what I wrote there.

Two years ago, I reluctantly parted with my old and much-loved iPhone 4s after it became clear that it was getting very long in the tooth. I moved over to a cheap Android phone, as I couldn’t justify the cost of a new iPhone and didn’t really want a huge handset. But I never fully got comfortable with Android. So when I saw the iPhone SE going cheap on Amazon, I decided to grab one.

It feels strange to be holding a small phone again, but at the same time it feels right too. I have large hands, but even I find large phones uncomfortable to hold and use. The comparatively smaller screen might put some people off, but I didn’t buy this phone to read on or watch movies. The 16 GB capacity means that I’m only installing the apps that I really need on it.

Performance is really good, as is the battery life. Overall, I’m glad I got this phone, and I’m hopeful that it’ll give me several years of good service.

I now have the essentials installed on my ‘renewed’ iPhone SE. Still getting used to how dinky it is compared to the phablet phone I’ve been using last couple of years. But it also feels more discrete, and definitely more pocketable. 🙂


Am amused to see that the new iPad Mini still has a 3.5mm headphone jack. As does the new iPad Air, and last year’s (just plain) iPad.

Its seem pretty obvious to me that Apple ditched the jacks on the iPad Pros and iPhone X range out of a fetish and obsession with being thinner.

iAnorexia? I think so.

Call me old-fashioned, but I’d take a thicker device, more ports and more battery capacity any day.