Early Morning Political Thoughts

I think I know now why Theresa May is still trying to get her Brexit Withdrawal Deal accepted. It’ll hamstring Jeremy Corbyn’s ability to deliver on his manifesto pledge to renationalise public utilities like the NHS. They know Labour will be in government sooner rather than later. So the Tories hope to lumber Corbyn with their Brexit, and deny him the opportunity to negotiate a better deal. That way, Labour would get the blame for not delivering the magical utopia that the Leave voters thought they’d be getting.

Of course, the reality for the Tories is that Brexit has torn them apart, and shredded their reputation in the process. They managed to throw away their majority in the snap election of 2017. They wasted two years squabbling among themselves over what Brexit even means. This is their millstone now, and it will drown them.

They’ll keep deflecting, keep smearing Labour and Corbyn, but it won’t work. The Tories have been exposed for what they. Only interested in power for themselves. If they cared about the country, we’d have had a General Election by now.

One thing is for certain. Whatever happens, the Conservative Party is finished. Brexit was supposed to unite them, but instead it tore them apart, with little prospect of peace between the factions. They squandered their majority, now they’ve shredded their supposed competence.

I glanced at BBC News last night before bedtime. That was a mistake. Time to cut this Gordian Knot. Revoke Article 50, then call a General Election. Yes, Leave voters will seethe, but we need to start over, this time with all the facts and everyone involved. #brexit.

Trump adviser reportedly speaks regularly to Grayling and Fox on Brexit

Johnathan Swan, Axios:

Trump isn’t the only senior White House official rooting for Brexit. National security adviser John Bolton talks regularly by phone with his Brexiteer friends inside Theresa May’s imploding government — Cabinet ministers Liam Fox and Chris Grayling — according to a May government source.

What they’re saying: “John is a strong believer in Brexit and has been encouraging the Brexiteers to keep it up,” the source told me.

Joe Lo, writing at Left Foot Forward:

Bolton has been described as a US nationalist and is a longstanding critic of the European Union.

Bolton says he is opposed to EU bureaucracy but sceptics say Bolton opposes the European Union because it acts as a counter-balance to US power on issues such as the nuclear deal with Iran, which Bolton fiercely opposes and the EU supports.

Great. Just what we need. More idiots who think they’re smart.

We need a General Election, stat.