De-quantifying my life

I can relate to so much of this blog post on ReaderWriterVille . Measuring my ‘success’ by how much ‘stuff’ I was doing didn’t help that much, and made me feel worse.

I’ve now consciously stepped back and reviewed what I’m doing and why. The result has been that I end up getting plenty done anyway, because I’m no longer in an artificial race against myself.

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Doing the Scary Thing

Matt Bonney:

I’m absolutely terrified of blogging.

I think I know why, but it’s still curious to me that the idea of writing down my thoughts and putting them out there scares me as much as it does.

I have thoughts and feelings about Apple and the technology industry – many thoughts and feelings – but for whatever reason, I’ve been too afraid of criticism and judgement to make those feelings public.

But you know what? I just turned 30, and goddamnit, if I’m ever going try my hand at this sort of thing, I may as well try now. I’d rather try now than wake up in another 30 years and regret never starting.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Matt. 🙂

I just deactivated a load of WordPress plugins that provide only marginal benefit and are slowing down my website.

I should apply the same rule to WordPress as I do on my Mac—only the extra stuff I need, no more.

Backfilling, Continued

I’ve exported all of my posts from and imported them to my personal website. Henceforth, I’ll be using that as my primary blogging space. (But I’ll still be around on M.b because I like the conversations. smiles) Longer-term plan is to retrieve some of my older blog-postings from the Wayback Machine and re-home those too. #ownyourcontent

Don’t Worry, Blog Happy

Om Malik:

When I started blogging back in 2000, I never felt the pressure of making it perfect. And then as my career evolved — from professional journalist to a blogger to a founder of a blog-based media company, the pressure to get it right every single time started to make it difficult to blog. I began to post “pieces” and forgot that blogging for me is nothing more than “thinking out loud.” I will be wrong, dumb and sometimes unusual, along the way. And that is my objective for 2019.

This is why I like—it’s a perfect place for thinking out loud, or quietly, or however I want. 🙂