The Dark Side of Amazon

Household Object: Amazon Package

While the Nike swoosh embodies confidence and cool, the simple curve of the Amazon logo recalls an obsequious service smile. The soft edges of the grin, and its winking right corner, are meant to put you at ease. No matter how unfair the working conditions, how miserable the workforce: a smile was here. Did I ever see a human smile at Amazon? I can’t recall a single instance. A security guard laughed once, while she was walking among a line of seasonal workers. She was carrying a large bolt cutter and saying, “One day I’m gonna smash one of you.”

Right after I posted my review of the iPhone SE to Amazon UK, I got prompted to review a load of previous purchases, some going back two decades, many of which I no longer own.

Not today, Amazon. And for the stuff that isn’t even available now, WTF are you smoking??

Small Is Still Beautiful

Amazon UK asked me for a review of the iPhone SE that I got last month, so I’m sharing what I wrote there.

Two years ago, I reluctantly parted with my old and much-loved iPhone 4s after it became clear that it was getting very long in the tooth. I moved over to a cheap Android phone, as I couldn’t justify the cost of a new iPhone and didn’t really want a huge handset. But I never fully got comfortable with Android. So when I saw the iPhone SE going cheap on Amazon, I decided to grab one.

It feels strange to be holding a small phone again, but at the same time it feels right too. I have large hands, but even I find large phones uncomfortable to hold and use. The comparatively smaller screen might put some people off, but I didn’t buy this phone to read on or watch movies. The 16 GB capacity means that I’m only installing the apps that I really need on it.

Performance is really good, as is the battery life. Overall, I’m glad I got this phone, and I’m hopeful that it’ll give me several years of good service.