Roadblocks On The Road To Money Management

Back in September last year IGG Software, who make Banktivity, announced that Direct Access to many UK banks would stop working due to industry-wide security changes, but said that they’d work with their partners to try and get it working again.

I checked last week to see if they’d resolved it. Apparently not. So now I’m faced with having to manually enter transactions if I want to keep using Banktivity.

Given that Money Dashboard, the new money-tracking and budgeting service I signed up for yesterday, can connect to all my bank accounts, I think you can guess what I’ll be doing with Banktivity.

2 thoughts on “Roadblocks On The Road To Money Management

  1. @AlanRalph It isn’t as bad here in the US but changes made by many banks have effectively broken their Direct Access. I asked IGG if they’re working on an alternative but they respond without a yes/no answer which I take as a “no”. From what I can tell this isn’t unique to Banktivity. Quicken also has issues.

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