Roadblocks On The Road To Money Management

By Alan Ralph on January 5, 2020 — 1 min read

Back in September last year IGG Software, who make Banktivity, announced that Direct Access to many UK banks would stop working due to industry-wide security changes, but said that they’d work with their partners to try and get it working again.

I checked last week to see if they’d resolved it. Apparently not. So now I’m faced with having to manually enter transactions if I want to keep using Banktivity.

Given that Money Dashboard, the new money-tracking and budgeting service I signed up for yesterday, can connect to all my bank accounts, I think you can guess what I’ll be doing with Banktivity.

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  • @AlanRalph It isn’t as bad here in the US but changes made by many banks have effectively broken their Direct Access. I asked IGG if they’re working on an alternative but they respond without a yes/no answer which I take as a “no”. From what I can tell this isn’t unique to Banktivity. Quicken also has issues.

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