Privacy Policy

(No) Data Collected

I don’t use any analytics on this site. I don’t care where people come from to visit. Heck, I don’t worry about how many people come here. I write here for my own enjoyment — any interaction that follows from that is a bonus.

Speaking of interactions, I’ve disabled comments across the site and replaced them with a link to email me any comments you may have. There are several reasons why I did this:

  1. It’s more work for me to do on the site apart from writing and tinkering with the site design.
  2. Most of the comments are/were spam. They’re all generic boilerplate stuff, whoever sends them doesn’t read this site, they scan the web for any web page that’ll take comments and fire away.
  3. Comment forms are a pain in the posterior, regardless of how they’re implemented. If it’s locally hosted, it’s more work for me. (See point 1 above.) I don’t trust any external service to handle this stuff well and not misuse the information for their own ends. I particularly don’t trust any social network, since they definitely use that data for their own purposes.
  4. Email Just Works. Plus I find it leads to much more interesting conversation if it’s just between us. 🙂

Any emails will be cherished, but rest assured I’ve no intention of giving your address or other details to anyone else. I hate spam as much as you do and feel no desire to feed any of those operations.

No Tracking

I avoid embedding content on my site — I’m acutely aware that all that stuff is tracked to Hell and back. All images and other media are hosted locally. Additionally, I don’t use any affiliate programmes and remove tracking data from links that I include on posts and pages.

Aside from the privacy implications, I prefer to keep this site lean and fast. I’ve seen how bad some places on the web can be without ad-blocking and tracker-blocking, and have no desire to inflict that kind of pain on you, dear reader.

That’s All, Folks!