Gripe about Medium

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Opening the link caused Medium to open their ‘helpful’ overlay inviting me to create an account. Thankfully, Reader View kicked in so I didn’t have to glare at it for long. However, because of the ‘clever’ lazy-load way that Medium loads images in their articles, I then had to turn off Reader View, and close the overlay, in order to see any of the images in full rather than fuzzy low-res. Another reason why I tend to avoid Medium as a source for reading or inspiration.

The Perils of Assuming Google is Good at Design

Listen To Me And Not Google

Heydon Pickering, from his critique of Google’s Material Design:

Here’s the thing: Google are not successful because they know how to design inputs. Astonishing, I know, but Google are not the artisan purveyors of fine forms for which you may have mistaken them. They make their money by other means.

This isn’t a new problem, either. While it’s great that a company will ‘dog-food’ its own products to prove that they work, that just proves that it works for them. Failing to take the needs of your users or customers into consideration, or worse still adopting a not-invented-here attitude, is just storing up problems that could come back to bite you, hard. Microsoft should know that by now. So should Apple.

Thoughts on Tidying and Marie Kondo

I’m nearly at the end of the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo. While her recent foray into selling home accessories strikes a dissonant note, and I’m not minded to go to the extremes of space utilisation that she advocates, there’s a lot of good advice in there. And my experience of the benefits of tidying and organising your home chimes with what she describes in the final section of the book.

I’ll be passing on my copy of the book to my sister, who’s trying to declutter her own house.

Today, I found a new circle of RSS Hell.

A site says it has an RSS feed, but the RSS feed is not discoverable from the page header. I had to copy the RSS feed address, paste it into Reeder… and be informed that the feed isn’t valid.

In $DEITY’s name, whyyy?????

Wherein Apple continues its tireless work to drive developers away from the App Store

Gluon, an Apple App Store rejection

Wherein Apple continues its tireless work to drive developers away from the App Store. (It certainly seems that way, judging from this and similar stories.) At least on the Mac, I have the option to buy and install my apps from elsewhere. (And have.) Of course, on my iPad and iPhone that’s not an option, at least not without jailbreaking or other means.

It’s bad enough that Apple are rejecting apps on spurious or even unknowable ground. It’s even worse because they seem prepared to cut larger app-makers a lot of slack.

BeOS: The Alternate Universe’s Mac OS X

BeOS: The Alternate Universe’s Mac OS X

You’re likely familiar with the old tale about how Steve Jobs was ousted from Apple and started his own company, NeXT. Apple then bought NeXT and their technologies and brought Jobs back as CEO once again. However, Jobs’ path wasn’t unique, and the history of computing since then could’ve gone a whole lot different.

In 1990, Jean-Louis Gassée, who replaced Jobs in Apple as the head of Macintosh development, was also fired from the company. He then also formed his own computer company with the help of another ex-Apple employee, Steve Sakoman. They called it Be Inc, and their goal was to create a more modern operating system from scratch based on the object-oriented design of C++, using proprietary hardware that could allow for greater media capabilities unseen in personal computers at the time.

I remember BeOS vaguely at the time it first came out, and it seemed really interesting. But the closest I got to it was using Stardock’s Object Desktop suite to re-skin Windows XP back in the 2000s.