GitHub Issues As Comments

Kevin Quirk has been thinking (again) about comments on his WordPress blog. I’ll admit, his idea is neat but I’m not sure it’s a good solution, as I commented over on GitHub (reproducing below for posterity):

I don’t often get comments on my blog posts, but those that I do receive then become part of the website if I choose to let them be so. Yes, WordPress’s commenting system has some issues, but none that are dealbreakers for me. And honestly, I’m of an age now where I prefer an easy tech life, even if the tech may sometimes decide otherwise.

I can sort of see the appeal of using GitHub for comments, as a kind of backchannel. My big concern would be that there’s now a lot more brittleness in your blogging setup. Future updates to WordPress could break your code linking your blog posts to GitHub. And, while it might not be likely, there is the possibility that GitHub might go away, or decide that they don’t want you using their system in the way you’re doing now.

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