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I think I know now why Theresa May is still trying to get her Brexit Withdrawal Deal accepted. It’ll hamstring Jeremy Corbyn’s ability to deliver on his manifesto pledge to renationalise public utilities like the NHS. They know Labour will be in government sooner rather than later. So the Tories hope to lumber Corbyn with their Brexit, and deny him the opportunity to negotiate a better deal. That way, Labour would get the blame for not delivering the magical utopia that the Leave voters thought they’d be getting.

Of course, the reality for the Tories is that Brexit has torn them apart, and shredded their reputation in the process. They managed to throw away their majority in the snap election of 2017. They wasted two years squabbling among themselves over what Brexit even means. This is their millstone now, and it will drown them.

They’ll keep deflecting, keep smearing Labour and Corbyn, but it won’t work. The Tories have been exposed for what they. Only interested in power for themselves. If they cared about the country, we’d have had a General Election by now.

By AlanRalph

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