Every year I feel saddened that Black Friday, a holiday of inadequacy and consumption, has been exported (and expanded into a whole month) while Thanksgiving, a holiday of gratitude, hasn’t. Chris J Wilson

Many apps promise to let you quickly capture and store ideas, notes, etc. But I find that I hardly ever use them. Dumping them into a text file seems to work well enough for me. 🙂 (Day 23 of #mbnov #microblogvember)

Election Days I Have Known

Tim Carmody is filling in for Jason Kottke on the latter’s eponymous blog while Jason takes a break. Tim’s first post was about US Elections over his lifetime, in part because his birthday falls around the time that said elections are normally held. It’s a long read, with photos of Tim interspersed throughout, and wellContinue reading “Election Days I Have Known”

The fact that the border between Britain and Europe — and between Britain and Northern Ireland — is a large expanse of water has had a huge influence on how many British people viewer ‘foreigners’. Conversely, the proximity of the nations of mainland Europe to one another has caused both closer unity and deeper distrust,Continue reading

Forcing IE11 user to switch to Edge

Kieran McCarthy, writing at The Register: Microsoft will forcibly push users off Internet Explorer and onto Edge next month, depending on the websites they visit. Users will find that after they download and install the latest version of Edge, version 87, if they open one of a 1,000-plus websites declared to be “incompatible” with InternetContinue reading “Forcing IE11 user to switch to Edge”

With the trees in our neighbourhood losing the last of their leafs, winter is very much here as far as I’m concerned. Thank goodness for the few evergreen trees and shrubs, ensuring at least some colour remains. (Day 21 of #mbnov #microblogvember)