Software as Betrayal of Service

Chuck Jordan, discussing deleting his Instagram account: This is applicable to so many sites and services from the last couple of decades. It’s not just algorithms to blame. It’s the conscious decisions made by those in charge to screw with the users. Because step 3 of that process above then becomes the overriding goal. AnythingContinue reading “Software as Betrayal of Service”

Thoughts On Creativity

To be creative, Chinese philosophy teaches us to abandon ‘originality’ Julianne Chung, writing for Psyche: The Zhuangzi (莊子), a classical Chinese philosophical and literary text, provides a different perspective. On one interpretation, creativity isn’t conceived as aiming at novelty or originality, but rather integration. Instead of aiming at something new, it aims at something thatContinue reading “Thoughts On Creativity”

“No action Apple can take against the tracking industry is too strong”

John Gruber: Online Privacy Should Be Modeled on Real-World Privacy Imagine if you were out shopping, went into a drug store, examined a few bottles of sunscreen, but left the store without purchasing anything. And then immediately a stranger approached you with an offer for sunscreen. Such an encounter would trigger a fight or flight reaction — theContinue reading ““No action Apple can take against the tracking industry is too strong””

Google News Radio? No, Thanks

This news story by Boone Ashworth in WIRED* makes me very glad that I’m mostly removed from the Google-sphere. Most of us know how delightful it is to hear a computer-generated song playlist that feels entirely personal. Now, Google wants to create a similar type of bespoke audio experience—not with music, but with news. TheContinue reading “Google News Radio? No, Thanks”

The Trickle Down Attention Economy

Well-written piece by Greg Morris: You will never in your life posses something that is as important as your attention. The notice you take of someone or something is so craved after that throughout history those that have sought it have performed some of the worst and best acts humankind has ever seen. Yet weContinue reading “The Trickle Down Attention Economy”

This Fuckery Needs To Stop. Now.

Kat Fukui: Lots of screenshots are of the comments on 4chan, but what boggles my mind are the ones on GitHub. As Kat herself notes: And what still really creeps me out is that these people felt so emboldened to troll an EMPLOYEE using their actual GitHub accounts with legitimate work and contributions. These harassersContinue reading “This Fuckery Needs To Stop. Now.”