Is it possible to engage with social media without losing your soul? To sidestep its outrage mechanics and degrading scoreboards? With their idiot logic of hearts and retweets, these channels are fundamentally designed to advertise oneself—so perhaps using them sensibly requires stripping away the self. To quit any attempt at appearing bright and clever andContinue reading

“Everybody’s not looking to feed the soil, some are just looking to take the fruit.”

The Verge*: Joe Budden is taking his podcast off Spotify because the company ‘is pillaging’ his audience He takes the announcement as an opportunity to scorch Spotify and detail his history with the company, which, in the years since he signed his deal, has become a sizable competitor in the podcast field. He claims hisContinue reading ““Everybody’s not looking to feed the soil, some are just looking to take the fruit.””

Freedom for Developers. For users, not so much.

I think a lot of this is about developers wanting more control – but they forget that the people who matter are end users, not developers. And I really don’t see any practical advantage which breaking up monolithic app stores bring to end users. I wrote a long time ago about how the “freedom” inContinue reading “Freedom for Developers. For users, not so much.”

“Disabled people aren’t here for your ridicule.”

A Message To TikTok Parents Who Use My Face To Make Their Kids Cry Melissa Blake: “Oh, look,” I deadpan as I read the latest message from someone letting me know that they saw my photo on TikTok being shared in a hurtful way. “Surprise, surprise!” I joke because I’m definitely not surprised. As aContinue reading ““Disabled people aren’t here for your ridicule.””

Social Network APIs & Protocols Considered Harmful*

Casey Liss: About a month ago, I decided to sunset Vignette. This was a decision that was a long time coming. In short, due to changes in Facebook, Instagram, and most especially Twitter, Vignette cannot work nearly as reliably as I would like. As such, I have decided to pull it from sale, worldwide. ItContinue reading “Social Network APIs & Protocols Considered Harmful*”

Does Your Ten-Year-Old Code Still Run?

This article in Nature discusses scientific applications, but the techniques used to resurrect said code and get it running again are applicable to many other areas. Big business has its particular version of this challenge, keeping ancient COBOL applications working on new hardware and communicating with modern technology. And the Internet Archive is doing itsContinue reading “Does Your Ten-Year-Old Code Still Run?”

Google’s Design ‘Talent’

Nick Heer, commenting on an Ars Technica article about how even Google’s own engineers are confused by Google’s privacy settings: I don’t think comments like these are worrying. It is good that Google’s own staff is self-critical and effectively treated Nakashima’s reporting as a bug report. Nor do I believe that the cynical view thatContinue reading “Google’s Design ‘Talent’”