‘In pursuit of a more secure walled garden’

Upcoming API Change Will Break Facebook and Instagram oEmbed Links Across the Web Beginning October 24 Sarah Gooding, writing for WordPress Tavern: In an extraordinarily inconvenient API change, Facebook and Instagram will be dropping unauthenticated oEmbed support on October 24, breaking content across millions of websites. The change will force users to generate an app ID with aContinue reading “‘In pursuit of a more secure walled garden’”

What’s so hard about PDF text extraction? ​

As it turns out, it can be very hard indeed, depending on how the PDF was created. I have a love-hate relationship with PDF files. While I love them as an archival format, not all PDFs are made equal. When I was doing print pre-press work, for instance, text could get mangled depending on whetherContinue reading “What’s so hard about PDF text extraction? ​”

After reading this article by Leo Blanchette, I’m considering going through my current posts using the Broken Link Checker plugin for WordPress (mentioned previously) and redirecting most links to the Internet Archive versions where they’re available.

“We need new paradigms, not more new tech.”

Big Tech uses our roads, our airports, our post offices — and rather than help prop up the system to work in the interest of all, the industry eschews responsibility and creates housing and employment crises by relying on gig-workers and contractors, effectively reducing the number of workers in the tech workforce eligible for employer-basedContinue reading ““We need new paradigms, not more new tech.””