What are Jo Swinson’s Liberal Democrats so desperate to hide?

Mary Fitzgerald, Editor-in-chief of openDemocracy:

It’s a privilege to do this job.

As editor-in-chief, when the award nominations and accolades pour in, you get to bask in the glory of your brilliant, tenacious colleagues.

Equally, when your organisation gets threatened by powerful, sometimes dangerous people who want to silence it, it’s your job to take that heat.

Often those threats come in the form of expensive lawyers’ letters, usually from the expected quarters. Oligarchs. Criminals. Sex offenders.

But something happened recently which was completely unexpected. We’ve decided to go public about it, not only because the Liberal Democrats have some serious questions to answer. But also because it stinks of the cynicism and fakery we’ve seen across politics during this election.

And it would be quite funny – except it’s not.

It all started when we published a story by my colleague Jim Cusick, a highly experienced political reporter. It was about how the Liberal Democrats had sold voter data to the official Remain campaign, Britain Stronger In Europe, for £100,000 back in 2016.

The Lib Dems have always maintained there was nothing wrong with the lucrative deal, but it raised eyebrows, and the Information Commissioner launched an investigation. You can read more about that here.

The way in which the Liberal Democrats have handled this cements, in my mind, that they’ve truly become the ‘yellow Tories’. 🙁

Getting Off The Upgrade Treadmill

It occurred to me this morning that I don’t have any pressing need to upgrade to macOS Catalina, with the upheaval that would entail. My current setup with Mojave is working just fine, and just about all of my most-used apps are ready for Catalina.

A few things won’t work when I do upgrade. My old printer definitely won’t work, but that is approaching the end of its useful life after over a decade of service, so I’ll look to replace that with an AirPrint-compatible model in the New Year.

The other sticking point has been games, primarily those in my Steam library. Most of those will stop working on Catalina, but then again, many more of the Steam games I own won’t run on Mac at all, period. I’ve looked into running them through the copy of Windows 10 that I’ve got installed using Parallels Desktop, but so far it has been hit-or-miss whether they work. I’m seriously considering trying to get them running on Linux, as it appears that compatibility is greatly improved nowadays.

I made a one-bowl meal for lunch. 🙂 Reheated the frozen pre-cooked sausages in the bowl in the microwave, cut them up into pieces, then added carrot & butterbean soup and heated for a couple of minutes. Delicious and warming, really hit the spot! 🙂