My 1Password subscription is up for renewal in a few months. My usage has changed over the last few years, and I’m re-evaluating if it’s good value, and looking at alternatives. My mum and sister are both using LastPass now, which has improved since I last tried it.

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  1. @vasta Toward the very bottom of the home page you should find the free vs. premium options. Premium is $10/year. Also, they have “Organizations” available. I created a “Family” organization for which I pay $12/year for five people. So I think that means that it’s $12/year for the Family to have access, but an additional $10/year for each of those users who opts for a “Premium” account.

  2. @matpacker I used 1Password for years, yes. In a fit of subscription fatigue I looked at my options and ended up with the “free” Bitwarden. Then of course I subscribed to the Premium version :). That’s still cheaper than the 1Password “Family” account and it feels somehow, I don’t know, simpler and lighter. Honestly, I figured I’d switch back, thinking I’d made a mistake, but it hasn’t turned out that way.

  3. @matpacker I use their family solution for the 4 of us (two adults and two children). It is a great way to share and manage passwords in a controlled fashion. Each of has our own vault plus my wife and I have a shared vault. We use it to manage much more than passwords as it has driver’s licenses, passport info, credit card info, bank account info, insurance cards and so on. One plus is if something happens to me all my wife needs is my master password to get to everything of mine including all logins. I never forced my kids to use 1Password but my teenage daughter is a big advocate now.

  4. @jack ugh, subscription fatigue, so so frustrating, specially when my wife goes through the credit card charges each month. Cool that Bitwarden ended up being such a good replacement for you. I think I’m going to have to take a closer look at it.

  5. @matpacker Yeah, it took quite awhile for the family to start to make use of it. But eventually when they couldn’t remember the login for Netflix or etc they started to get interested and once everyone got Touch ID or Face ID on their devices it gained traction (our master passwords are non-trivial).

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