The end goal of software is not to put everything in it, a flight simulator in your spreadsheet (fucking Excel!); a computer in your fridge for playing ads; a web server, email client, and text editor in your math program “notebook”; a fucking NTFS miner in your MS Paint clone.

The end goal of good software is to do ONE THING. To do it fast, efficiently, and correctly, in the least resources you can.

Mark Hughes, A Flotilla of Shit

Better The (Blogging) Devil You Know

I had a poke around this week with Hugo on my computer, and managed to get a site set up with my data from this blog plus a nice theme. However, it’s apparent to me now that I’d need to do a lot more reading plus some trial-and-error to get the site looking I would like it. And I’m not sure that it’s going to be worth the extra effort.

To be honest, this site is running just fine on self-hosted WordPress, with a few plugins to take care of various things. While there are a few things I’d like to change, it would probably be easier (and perhaps more constructive) to do those by creating a customised theme and adding some PHP code where necessary.

I don’t regret at least taking a look at Hugo, but it has brought home to me that going for a static site generator involves shifting a lot of work from the web hosting machine to your computer, including maintenance. WordPress isn’t perfect, but it is good enough for my needs, and I’m no longer looking for a ‘perfect’ system.

Monterey Thoughts

I did the upgrade on my iMac on Tuesday, and overall it’s okay. Not a huge difference visually from Big Sur, which is a relief. A few apps didn’t start up automatically after the upgrade was complete, which was mildly annoying but temporary.

However, there are some under-the-hood changes that I’ve bumped into:

  1. The ‘Automatically Add to Music’ folder has stopped doing its one and only job. I’ve fixed this using Hazel, no idea why that would have changed.
  2. Apple Music has been reinstated in the Music app, and there doesn’t appear to be a way to turn it off again. The old Restrictions tab in Music’s Preferences has been whisked away, and I was informed that I can now find those settings under Screen Time in System Preference… but Apple Music isn’t listed there. Not impressed, Apple.
  3. A couple of applications got a scary warning at first post-upgrade launch, telling me that they used features that are deprecated and may be removed in a future version of macOS. Unfortunately, both times when I clicked on ‘Learn More’ I got taken to a web page talking about the sunsetting of Python 2, which I’m pretty sure isn’t the deprecated feature Apple meant.

I have a feeling I’ll unearth a few more over the coming months.