The attention economy is not native to human attention. It’s native to businesses that seek to grab and manipulate buyers’ attention. This includes the businesses themselves and their agents. Both see human attention as a “resource” as passive and ready for extraction as oil and coal. The primary actors in this economy—purveyors and customers of marketing and advertising services—typically talk about human beings not only as mere “users” and “consumers,” but as “targets” to “acquire,” “manage,” “control” and “lock in.” They are also oblivious to the irony that this is the same language used by those who own cattle and slaves.

Doc Searls, Where the Intention Economy Beats the Attention Economy

It’s only in the last day or so that I’ve realised just how big a weight my financial anxiety was on my mind. I still have worries, no mistake, but at least money is no longer one of them.