Intel’s new AI helps you get just the right amount of hate speech in your game chat

Tristan Greene, writing for The Next Web:

I guess every problem looks like something a toggle can address when you’re a microprocessor manufacturer 

The Intel microprocessor company was founded in 1968. It’s bushwhacked a trail of technology and innovation in the decades since to become one of the leading manufacturers of computer chips worldwide.

But never mind all that. Because we live in a world where Kodak is a failed cryptocurrency company that’s now dealing drugs and everyone still thinks Elon Musk invented the tunnel.

Which means that here in this, the darkest timeline, we’re stuck with the version of Intel that uses AI to power “White nationalism” sliders and “N-word” toggles for video game chat.

The snark in this article is totally justified. Who on Earth thought this was a good idea?

I had my second Covid-19 vaccination shot last week. Thankfully, the side-effects weren’t as bad this time around, although I still felt cruddy for a long time thanks to my suppressed immune system.

Here in England, lockdown restrictions are being gradually eased. Most non-essential shops were able to reopen from Monday. Small social gatherings outdoors are now possible again.

So, light at the end of the tunnel, right?

I wish I was that confident.

We have a Government that is both incompetent and corrupt, and primarily concerned with keeping themselves in power, their backers rolling in public money, and everyone else in the dark about what they’re up to.

Their response to Covid-19 has been delayed, confused, and apparently balanced against their increasingly evident hatred of the poor, sick, disabled and non-white.

And that response has mostly involved passing the responsibility onto the people they’re supposed to serve.

So no, I don’t think we’re even close to the end.