People who are really serious about the web should make their own websites.

Mike Rockwell

Own your work, own your words.

After reading this post by Robin Rendle, I’ve installed the LH Wayback Machine plugin for WordPress to start the process of archiving this site to the Internet Archive for posterity.

While I don’t expect my websites to be maintained after my eventual passing, it would be nice if those bits of it that others have liked and linked to are preserved in some form so that those links will stay alive for as long as the Internet Archive exists.

It’s my small way to give back to the web that has helped me so much over the year.

I mentioned last month that I’d moved my personal journalling into DEVONthink. That is working pretty well for me, and I’ve even hacked together a template to create a new daily journal page.

Looking over the archived pages, there’s a gap of six months between November 2017 and May 2018. I know what the cause was — the depression and anxiety brought on by my father’s deteriorating health. 🙁

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