When Webmail Overdoes It On The ‘Web’ Part…

Art Kavanagh: After 15 years on Gmail, I’ve switched to Zoho mail (with my own domain name on top). Just now, I noticed that the fan on the MacBook Air was going like the clappers. So I closed the Zoho mail web page and it stopped. This doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in my choice. I’veContinue reading “When Webmail Overdoes It On The ‘Web’ Part…”

The Best Thing About RSS

Mark Hughes: … is it’s not anything like Twitter. I was over there checking my notifications, a daily chore but also sometimes there’s something good if I don’t scroll too long. But also just endless shit that makes me mad from randos. Well, that shouldn’t happen, I’ve curated my follows and turned off their retweets…Continue reading “The Best Thing About RSS”

The Fake Nerd Boys of Silicon Valley Managing Editor Lyta Gold on Star Trek, Silicon Valley’s lack of imagination, and the arrival of an unexpected future. This is a very long read, but worth it if only to learn just how badly the likes of Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Peter Thiel misunderstand the scienceContinue reading

This Woman Inspired One of the First Hit Video Games by Mapping the World’s Longest Cave Patricia Crowther’s ex-husband coded her cave maps into one of the first hit adventure games in the 1970s, and she had no idea A long read, but well worth your time. I’d not known that the text adventure gameContinue reading

From Compassion To Aggression

Since that fateful evening fourteen years ago, Twitter had become the public square of the Internet. But in recent months, it resembles the colosseum of the old, where rabid mobs are howling and the gladiators fighting, have been replaced by troll armies and those who command them, fighting each other. We should have seen thisContinue reading “From Compassion To Aggression”

The endless churn of the digital jukebox

I miss the days of finite collections with borders. I remember buying records that I hated when I brought them home, but I played them anyway because they were all I had. I’d listen until I understood the album on its terms, rather than mindlessly playing whatever suits my current mood. The endless churn ofContinue reading “The endless churn of the digital jukebox”