Strapping on The Jetpack Once More…

After weighing up the pros and cons, I’ve decided that reconnecting this blog to is worth the effort, if only for the Markdown support and anti-spam protection. I’m going to try and keep the extra baggage to a minimum, though. And I’m going to look at doing site optimisation here rather than trusting WordPress.comContinue reading “Strapping on The Jetpack Once More…”

Things That Go BEEEEEP In The Night..

Got woken up at 2am yesterday morning by a continuous beeping. Eventually tracked source down to UPS box. I suspect the battery is getting near to the end of its working life. I just wish it had picked a better time to tell me that. Replacement battery arrived today, thank goodness. I can’t even rememberContinue reading “Things That Go BEEEEEP In The Night..”

Capitalism Does Not Give a Damn About Disabled People

Here in the UK, I suspect that part of the reason why the government’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic has been so bad is that they’re torn between wanting to (be seen to) do the right thing, and wanting to carry on dismantling public services and attacking the poor, the sick and the disabled. IContinue reading “Capitalism Does Not Give a Damn About Disabled People”

You Can Do Whatever You Need To Get You Through These Tough Times

Listen to me when we say you canโ€™t do exactly what you want. You canโ€™t go against advice as show your entitlement by protesting closures. But you can do whatever you need to get you through these tough times. Some will try and put you down and say you need to be productive, learn newContinue reading “You Can Do Whatever You Need To Get You Through These Tough Times”

Public Inquiries, The British Way

Gaslighting the Virus Britain has a long list of public inquiries for shambolic mishandling, corruption, scandals and botched police operations. They follow a familiar pattern: appoint some trusted grandee; take years if not decades to conclude; astronomical cost to the public purse; the result is almost always nothing really happens apart from some modest tweakingContinue reading “Public Inquiries, The British Way”