I’ve been rethinking my use of DEVONthink lately, as I try out the Zettelkasten system of plain text note taking and knowledge organising. While DEVONthink supports Markdown documents, its writing tools are weaker than I’d like.

I got the official letter today from the NHS, informing me that I should be self-isolating due to my medical condition. In a way, I’m relieved. I was nervous walking around the park the last few days, trying to keep well away from other people.

Looking across the road at the number of folks in the park, I have to wonder if the advice about social distancing is being heeded here. Worrying for me, as I’m at-risk and supposed to be self-isolating, yet really wanting to get out the house for a bit each day…

I had a near-heart-attack moment this morning, when several new emails mysteriously vanished from the Mail app on my iPad Mini 4 (running iPadOS 13.4). Thankfully, they were still in the inbox when I opened Mail on the Mac, but that was unsettling!