I Collect Music Based On How It Makes Me Feel

I was listening to the latest episode of the Lounge Ruminator podcast today, ‘Rage against the Video’, by fellow Micro.blog member Martin Felt. In it, he was pondering the various music programmes on TV that he watched in his younger years, and how now he’s no longer as driven to see the music videos ofContinue reading “I Collect Music Based On How It Makes Me Feel”

Listening to Radio Stations online, back in the day…

Out of curiosity, I visited the site of Live365, an online radio service that I used to use back in the early-to-mid 2000s. It’s still a thing, though now mobile-only and limited to the USA and Canada due to rights management costs. (Back in that time, of course, listening to radio stations online wasn’t nearlyContinue reading “Listening to Radio Stations online, back in the day…”

The Golden Age Of Desktop UI customisation?

I wrote this back on 27th January 2003, on my first blog: I recently subscribed to Object Desktop, the Windows customisation system provided by Stardock Corporation. Costs $49.95 for a year’s subscription, then $34.95 to renew for another year. Once you fork over the readies, you get access to a range of tools to customiseContinue reading “The Golden Age Of Desktop UI customisation?”

The Web Before The Web

How France Invented a Popular, Profitable Internet of Its Own in the 80s: The Rise and Fall of Minitel Colin Marshall, writing at Open Culture: Conceived in the “white heat of President Valery Giscard d’Estaing’s technological great leap forward of the late 1970s,” Minitel appeared as one of the signal efforts of a nationwide developmentalContinue reading “The Web Before The Web”

Why On Earth Do Local Council Websites Need Adverts Or Trackers?

I finally got around to looking at the report that Brave created showing the results of their investigation into third-party tracking on UK local council and county websites earlier this month. The interactive map included is particularly eye-opening. There is no good reason for most of those trackers to be there. I can only presumeContinue reading “Why On Earth Do Local Council Websites Need Adverts Or Trackers?”

Kicking Away The Interoperability Ladder

Gopher: When Adversarial Interoperability Burrowed Under the Gatekeepers’ Fortresses Cory Doctorow, writing for EFF: Today’s Web giants want us to believe that they and they alone are suited to take us to wherever we end up next. Having used Adversarial Interoperability as a ladder to attain their rarefied heights, they now use laws to kickContinue reading “Kicking Away The Interoperability Ladder”

I installed a WordPress plugin to alert me to broken links in my posts. Depressingly, some of those broken links have proved impossible to fix, because there’s no copy in the Internet Archive. Which reminds me, I should that my site is being archived…