From 1Password to Bitwarden in about five minutes

Wow. I just installed and setup Bitwarden on my Mac. I imported all of my 1Password data, and was pleased to see that it kept all of the info include TOTP codes. I’ve upgraded to Premium so that I can use TOTP for those sites. Safari extension comes in the box, so just had toContinue reading “From 1Password to Bitwarden in about five minutes”

Designing Windows 95’s User Interface

Designing Windows 95’s User Interface Three years ago I came across an interesting paper written up by a Microsoft employee, Kent Sullivan, on the process and findings of designing the new user interface for Windows 95. The web page has since been taken down – one reason why I’m a bit of a digital hoarder.Continue reading “Designing Windows 95’s User Interface”

While there has been a lot of stress and anxiety for me in 2019, it was a lot better overall that 2018 and 2017 were. And that has been balanced out somewhat by the many achievements I’ve made over the last 12 months. Overall, I’m starting 2020 from a much better place. Onward!

I read this article on how to avoid a red wine headache the other day. Since I stopped drinking wine with main meals, my tolerance has dropped dramatically, so I only drink a half-glass on special occasions, a couple of times a year, and drink lots of water when I do so.

I’ve ordered myself a 2020 planner (thanks to @patrickrhone for that prod) and I’m going to force myself to use it next year, damn it! (My 2019 diary got used for a couple of weeks, sadly, and is now in the bin.)

I’ve purged about two dozen old logins from 1Password that are either for services that no longer exist, for services that no longer have logins, or sites that I’ll never use again. (I have a lot that fit in that last category.)

My 1Password subscription is up for renewal in a few months. My usage has changed over the last few years, and I’m re-evaluating if it’s good value, and looking at alternatives. My mum and sister are both using LastPass now, which has improved since I last tried it.

Online Privacy as Herd Immunity

Why Your Individual Privacy Matters for the Wider Population — The New Oil This is an interesting angle on why taking steps to protect your own privacy online matters: if enough people do it, it becomes a form of ‘herd immunity’ which helps those who can’t easily protect themselves, making it harder (and less profitable)Continue reading “Online Privacy as Herd Immunity”

Looking for new blogs to follow in the New Year? Warren Ellis is here to help. Here is a selection of blogs from the list of ones I think are still active. Like I say, it’s just a bit of my active subscriptions list, but maybe you’ll find something you want to follow.