I made a one-bowl meal for lunch. 🙂 Reheated the frozen pre-cooked sausages in the bowl in the microwave, cut them up into pieces, then added carrot & butterbean soup and heated for a couple of minutes. Delicious and warming, really hit the spot! 🙂

I just deactivated a load of WordPress plugins that provide only marginal benefit and are slowing down my website.

I should apply the same rule to WordPress as I do on my Mac—only the extra stuff I need, no more.

My old Canon PIXMA MP610 all-in-one printer is nearly at the end of its useful life now. Print quality is deteriorating, no amount of cleaning seems to help. Mind you, it had kept trucking for longer than any printer I’ve had previously, through two PCs and two iMacs.

Finally got around to trading in my old Lenovo PHAB2. Posted it off today. Sadly, I wasn’t able to find any alternative uses for it, and it doesn’t appear to be upgradeable to more modern version of Android. One less thing sat gathering dust.