Yet another reason to GTFO Facebook

How Facebook helps an abusive ex-partner find out your new identity, even after they’ve been blocked And Facebook have no intention of fixing this. They don’t consider it a bug. Clearly Facebook users who are using the block functionality in the scenario given above are not properly protecting themselves. If you worry that someone youContinue reading “Yet another reason to GTFO Facebook”

Dear WordPress community, have we lost our collective sanity? You don’t buy a car just to cross the street every day. You don’t use a blowtorch to light a match. There are appropriate tools for all tasks, and WordPress is no longer suitable for the most basic of websites.

Why the Facebook News tab shouldn’t be trusted When you build on someone else’s land, don’t be surprised when you’re bulldozed. And really, given Facebook’s flawless track record of pulling the rug out from under publishers, no one should be surprised.