He Ain’t No Genius

The Imagined Genius of Dominic Cummings

Joe Duffy, writing for Novara Media:

For a media who generally ignored the role of Hilary Clinton’s campaign in Trump’s victory, or the unpopularity of the Remain campaigns’ most vocal leaders in their 2016 referendum defeat, it is easier to project an aura of enigmatic invincibility upon your opponents than it is to interrogate the flaws in your own politics. It is this refusal to accept the failings of the status quo, and their own complicity within it, which has led to the liberal construct of Cummings and Bannon as all-conquering dark forces.

At the UN, Greta Thunberg excoriates world leaders and her elders for climate inaction

I don’t watch a lot of videos; I prefer transcripts. When I absolutely have to get through a video, I usually put it in a background window and listen.

Don’t do that with Thunberg’s four-minute address to the UN.

Instead, watch it. I understand and agree with her that we should be listening to scientists, not her, but if anyone can get us to listen to scientists, it’s her. Now I know why the people followed Joan of Arc.