Hallelujah! The latest version of the Dropbox client for Mac now has an option to never show the Dock icon at startup.

Ironically, however, the Dock icon reappears when you go into Preferences to change that setting. 🤦‍♂️

I’m not a fan of the Royal Family, but I pity the Queen having Boris Johnson inflicted on her person later today. Sadly, I don’t thing she’s allowed to tell him to sling his hook, go write an actual plan for governance, and put it to the people at a General Election.

Why the ‘Weird Internet’ Had To Die

Why the ‘Weird Internet’ of the GeoCities Era Had to Die

There are plenty of memes about how basic and boring the internet has become, after initially feeling like an infinite, wonderful canvas anyone could play with. But the internet became boring because it was the only way to make it work for everyone.

The article mentions the rise of mobile devices, accessibility, security and maintainability as factors in the move away from the free-for-all of the early web. Those are all valid, but I feel that the pendulum may need to swing back at least a little. It has already started to happen in one respect, with the pushback against trackers and algorithm-controlled experiences.