Ok, finally found out what was causing my Windows 10 VM to run slow in Parallels Desktop. For some reason, the resource usage was set at ‘moderate’ instead of ‘no limit’. Changed that, and now Speedtest.net reports 80+ MB/s as expected.

‘Click this button to allow us to carry on tracking you around the Internet’

Getting past broken cookie notices Doc Searls: There can be no solution that starts on the sites’ side. None. That’s a fail that in effect gives us a different browser for every site we visit. We need solutions of our own. Personal ones. Global ones. Ones with personal scale. It’s the only way. The screenshotContinue reading “‘Click this button to allow us to carry on tracking you around the Internet’”

Tumblr has transformed into a brand-safe zombie of its former self Not a huge surprise, but still depressing when I remember what Tumblr used to be. However… We’re slowly rediscovering the tech we left behind in our rampant neophilia and focus on startup unicorns. And maybe the good, old-fashioned web can be part of thatContinue reading

Sky: Children of the Light is a stunning reminder that we need more controller support in iOS games I can sympathise with Leif Johnson’s frustration at the touch control system. But I’m not sure how you’d marry an external controller to an iPhone and not annoy Nintendo…

The Internet that wasn’t Great article from Wendy M. Grossman on the long history of the various ‘ills’ that afflict the Internet. As someone who first got online in 1989, and was on both CIX and Usenet in the early 90s, I can remember a lot of the events she describes…

Fast Software, the Best Software Craig Mod: But why is slow bad? Fast software is not always good software, but slow software is rarely able to rise to greatness. Fast software gives the user a chance to “meld” with its toolset. That is, not break flow. Well worth a read.