I’ve been going through the online tutorials for Affinity Publisher over on Affinity’s website. And I’m already seeing ways in which it will greatly improve my workflow and productivity compared to InDesign. 🙂 Learning to get the most out of it will be time well spent.

In Delusions in Tech, Bryan Croteau documents the various assumptions, fallacies and bad practices that are endemic in Big Tech. This is not a new issue, either. It most likely goes back through the decades, and all the Big Tech firms that have existed over that time.

A Vacancy Has Been Detected My mum switched energy supplier at the start of this year, but the previous supplier’s automated system persisted in addressing all correspondence to my late father—even after we’d informed them of his passing. Needless to say, that upset mum, a lot.

I’m working through the tutorial videos for Affinity Publisher. Most of the controls and UI are familiar from using Designer and Photo. It looks like I’ll need to import the PDF versions of stuff I’ve made using InDesign in order to migrate layouts, text styles, colours, etc.

I’ve giving Vivaldi’s browser another try-out on my Mac, since it looks Iike I’ll need to keep a Chromium-based browser around for website testing purposes. Still keeping Safari as my primary browser, though, due to the good integration with rest of my workflow.