So how’s that GDPR working out for ya?

One Year Into GDPR, Most Apps Still Harvest Data Without Permission

Protected Media is regularly approached by companies offering to sell data or social graphs. Greiner always makes a point of asking the salesperson how the data they’re peddling was obtained and what’s in it. “Invariably, they can never answer me,” Greiner said, “which leaves me to believe that they’re very rarely asked where they get the data from.”

See also: Websites not available in the European Union after GDPR—that’s a long list.

It’s just over 5 months since my dad passed away after a terminal illness. The strain of helping care for him was replaced by that of executing his will and sorting out his estate. It’s only now that the burden’s begun to lift from me, and I can begin to heal.

I have the font size cranked up to max (40 point) in macOS Safari’s Reader View. And the same in Reeder, my RSS reader of choice. I’m not particularly visually impaired, but I find it improves my reading comprehension a lot.